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Cost Efficiency

Hiring the wrong person can inflict sizeable cost and resource damage.Our mission is to deliver the highest quality talent at a fair price in the most responsive manner possible, with quick turnaround time. EBS provides pre-screened and pre-qualified IT Professionals to its clients based on their specific needs by matching a candidate’s skill set, background, temperament and experience. Let EBS’s top, trained recruits handle yourhiring services, so you can focus your valuable time and resources on your core business.


Time Efficiency


We constantly hire new professionals and also encourage the existing employees to upgrade their skills through our in-house skill enhancement training programs. Since we maintain our own internal database we do not have to look outside of our company for a qualified resource, and our turnaround time is much less than the companies who would search their network to look for a matching talent. Any profile we submit is on ourpayroll.


Flexibility& Scalability


EBS enables clients to utilize our employees as per their changing requirements. For instance, temporary consultants may be introduced so as to compensate for employees on vacation, maternity or medical leaves. The client therefore has a greater flexibility of using the temporary staff offered by EBS as needed. EBS also offer flexibility to their clients so they can remain fully staffed during busy times. Whether temporary positions are needed for a few days or several years, EBS allows businesses to adjust their work forces to meet their ever-changing needs.




EBS has a large, talent pool of skilled professionals built steadily and carefully through 15 years of scrutiny. Every profile submitted to the clients is on EBS’s payroll and passes our internal criterions and guidelines to ensure impeccable delivery. Every consultant on EBS’ shortlist are fully screened and evaluated, including technical and psychometric testing where necessary, and have verified references even before they are brought on payroll.


Higher Retention Rate


Many smaller clients may not be able to compete with the larger businesses when it comes to pay, benefits, and recruitment practices. As a result, they are left out of consideration by top performing talent. EBS bridges the gap by leveraging their buying power and transferring those benefits to their clients.


End to End Service


Our team at EBS is the enabler for all of its tools, technology, processes and success. Our technical marketers are trained to listen and recognize client needs and match our consultants to provide the best fit possible. Our team works in tandem with the clients and the consultants to deliver an outstanding work alliance, that includes but is not limited to:

  • Interview scheduling and coordination
  • Candidate management and communication
  • Offer presentation and negotiations
  • Reference check and onboarding

Skill Sets

  • Project Management
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Free Instant Setup!
  • Custom Application Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Validation Services