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New challenges in managing the cost in any project deployment have led to faster release cycles and the adoption of agile and rapid development methods.

Software testing needs have also significantly changed. A combination of business and technology imperatives have led to need for higher level optimization, better test efficiency and faster time to market.

EBS’s Testing Services offer a range of quality assurance and software testing services that enable enterprises to seamlessly embrace disruptive technologies. Our portfolio of test engineering and quality assurance services are designed to test, measure and assure quality for a broad spectrum of new generation disruptive technologies such as mobility, cloud, analytics, social computing and unifiedcommunications.Our Methodologies leverage cutting edge testing tools — commercial off the shelf products and open source.

EBS offers testing services that enable our clients to meet their quality and service agreement goals while restraining costs within budget. Our testing services are rendered with a lean, smart and holistic flavor therefore reducing cycle time and compressing the overall time to market for our clients.