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Finance and Banking

EBS has years of experience serving Banks, Brokerage Firms and Investment Firms across the country. To best serve the complex financial industry requirements, we have developed a strong team of leading technology experts with exposure to Retail Banking, Commercial Banking, Investment Banking, Brokerage Systems, Mutual Funds, Asset Management, Trading Systems, Retirement Solutions and others. Our expertise will ensure the development and engagement of the right services and skills to meet the unique needs of our financial clients.

Our consultants are experienced in providing regular briefings on key regulations, new technologies and industry trends to keep the IT team well prepared for specific engagements with clients. They work closely with our clients to ensure the development and engagement of the right services and skills.

Our offering leverages both innovative thinking and technology expertise to help clients to transform operating model. By simplifying core operations, our clients’ create a more sustainable business model to get competitive differentiation, simplified process and Satisfaction.

Our expertise include:

  • Retail Banking & Lending
  • Capital Market
  • Asset Management
  • Trading System
  • Credit Card Systems
  • Payments
  • Data Analysis & Migration Projects